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Hello, Sassy Hylians!

Welcome to my surprisingly not unsuccessful attempt at a Zelda fanblog. My name's karl and I'm a 24 year old hermit that spends all of my time playing video games and fumbling around with a camera.

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If you love all things Zelda with the occasional sprinkle of sass and other gaming nonsense, stick around.

Hey, sassbabies, another quicknote from Papa.

I’m gonna be gone on a mini vacation of sorts for the weekend. I won’t be answering any of your messages until I get back on Monday. Also, I procrastinated packing, so I never did have that GuruChat, so I’ll try to have on on Monday instead. Unless, you know, I’m lazy and decide not to.


I leave in an hour.

I’m still not done packing.

Forgive Papa for being a procrastinating lil shit.

  1. naxios10 said: Aw. Go enjoy your holiday!
  2. christophe-lebreau said: o.O Ive never actually seen any of your selfies before. Your eyes and hair are amaziiing
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